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A new tranche of tax invites to come into compliance: 60 thousand reminder letters sent to taxpayers who have forgotten to file their Vat return

The Agency warns in advance taxpayers who have not yet submitted, or not filled in properly, the Vat return for the 2015. The 60 thousand recipients can remedy by themselves and pay reduced penalties, without receiving additional tax checks. To communicate this chance to those who have not yet submitted the Vat return for 2015 or who presented it only with the VA-section compiled, the Inland Revenue is sending letters to the certified electronic mail (Pec) addresses of these taxpayers, in order to enable them to check and correct their position. These communications are part of the process of change that the Agency has taken in dealing with taxpayers, in order to increase the degree of confidence by the citizens and support the implementation of spontaneous tax obligations.

Italy’s Revenue Agency launches a new sms-based tool

Or from e-government to m-government, another step towards a full fiscal interaction between tax Administrations and taxpayers. The Italian model.
Traditional fiscal correspondence seems more and more on the move to become an historical relic, at least in Italy. The last push on this direction arises from the fresh introduction by the Italian Revenue Agency of an innovative service whose main goal, in fact, is to keep inform and communicate with taxpayers on a variety of fiscal matters and in a more informal and friendly way, in other words, sending a simple, direct, tailored and personalized sms, or short-message-service, to their mobile phones. 
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