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Patent box, the Italian Revenue Agency signed the first 4 agreements. Companies will benefit of a favorable tax regime about brands; trademarks, designs, models and know how

Signed in 2016 the first four agreements to adhere to the Patent box regime, the tax bonus introduced by the Italian Stability Law for 2015 in order to improve the development of intellectual property, granting tax benefits to resident and non-resident taxpayers carrying out research and development activities. In the last days of December, the Italian Revenue Agency has reached agreements with four big companies allowing them to take advantage of this favorable tax regime for the next 5 years. In particular, the four companies, joining this measure aimed at strengthening businesses competitiveness, have a turnover higher than 300 million euro and operate in the fashion, chemistry, energy and telecommunications industries.

Here are the tax enforcement new guidelines for 2017

Promotion of  tax compliance, voluntary disclosure and fight against tax evasion. These are the main topics at the center of the brand new guidelines addressed to the operative offices of the Italian Revenue Agency, according with the Ministry of Economy and Finance fiscal strategy . Today the Central Directorate for Tax Assessment of the Italian Revenue Agency  releases the operative guidelines for 2017 in order to increase  the number of tax assessments and to obtain even better results in terms of tax revenue, encouraging tax compliance and reducing invasive controls for taxpayers with a low risk score.

Italy’s Revenue Agency new sms-based tool. 2.400 taxpayers, the first to be informed of tax refunds via short-message-service

Are more than 2.400 the Italians who
have already received a text-message from the Revenue Agency
that invites them to verify the effective accreditation in their favor of a tax refund just validated by the Administration itself.
Almost half of a million taxpayers already registered in the sms-based new tool - This tranche of taxpayers are just a fraction of the 400.000 citizens who have so far provided their mobile phone number to the Revenue Agency through a specific online section, expressively devoted to all Web-accessible services offered by the Administration to citizens.    
For all of them, from now on, will be “more” easy to remember deadlines,

The Italian Revenue Agency met the Iranian Tax Administration. Vat, advanced tax ruling on new investments and online services at the center of the meeting

foto delle delegazione
Exchange of best practices and sharing of know-how. These were the main purposes of the study visit of a delegation of Iran’s Tax Administration (Inta) at the central offices of Italian Revenue Agency, held in Rome from 5th to 7th December.
The visit of the Iranian delegation was aimed at promoting awareness of each other's tax systems and is also aimed at highlighting investment opportunities and at illustrating the reciprocal tax incentives. Moreover, it offered the possibility to get insights about the mutual tax systems.

Italian Revenue Agency's Cadastral maps enter Copernicus

logo Copernicus
The Italian cadastral mapping system enters Copernicus, the worlds’ largest single earth observation programme, directed by the European Commission in partnership with the European Space Agency.Lately, the programme has been using the cadastral maps of Agenzia delle Entrate in order to classify the buildings damaged by the earthquake that shocked central Italy on the 26th October, starting from the municipalities of Visso and Castelsantangelo sul Nera, in the Province of Macerata. Copernicus chose Agency's database, which is continuously updated and readily available throughout the Country.

The Italian Revenue Agency Youtube channel opens to the Serbian language

A tutorial on how to obtain the tax identification number in Italy, realized in occasion of a Serbian Tax Administration visit in Rome as part of Fiscalis 2020 Programme

Sales of real estate property units up 17.8% in 3Q

Offices + 31.1%, industrial premises and sheds + 24.5% and the shops + 23.3%
The Italian property market continues to show clear signs of recovery recording a new significant increase, +17,8, in the third quarter of 2016. Particularly, in some areas the growth rate keeps traveling at double digit rate to date, as the Revenue Agency Real Estate Observatory, a Unit expressively dedicated to strictly monitoring the property market trends, points out in its last December Report.

The Italian Revenue Agency met the Turkish Revenue Administration

bandiera turca
A three days visit focused on informal economy and tax compliance – Strategies and actions put in place to tackle informal economy and to encourage tax compliance were at the center of the meeting, held in Rome, from 29th November to 1st December 2016, between representatives of the Italian Revenue Agency and the Turkish Revenue Administration.
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