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Italy’s Revenue Agency new sms-based tool. 2.400 taxpayers, the first to be informed of tax refunds via short-message-service
Are more than 2.400 the Italians who
have already received a text-message from the Revenue Agency
that invites them to verify the effective accreditation in their favor of a tax refund just validated by the Administration itself.
Almost half of a million taxpayers already registered in the sms-based new tool - This tranche of taxpayers are just a fraction of the 400.000 citizens who have so far provided their mobile phone number to the Revenue Agency through a specific online section, expressively devoted to all Web-accessible services offered by the Administration to citizens.    
For all of them, from now on, will be “more” easy to remember deadlines,
deal with due payments and keep under control the arrival
of an awaited tax refund, thanks to a personalized sms text-message, sent in
time, that will allow to avoid errors and eventual omissions.
How to register to the new service - To register for the new service,
started at the end of October, Fisconline users have to
access to the private area, to read the information and
provide their mobile phone number. However, those who do not use Fisconline
are still entitled to online services. Yet, firstly they must
get pin and password. The request can be done
directly on the website.
Sms-Revenue Agency last agenda - The first sms-text message was displayed in November by citizens who had to pay a specific amount of tax income due, but had not received the relevant note, and those who had to pay every year specific registration taxes, for examples for a lease, and often happen to forget the deadlines.
Now is the “fiscal refunding” time – But right now, time has come also for the beneficiaries of a tax refund. In fact, during the weeks from November 18 and December 1,
the Agency announced the news via sms-text message to more than 2.400
citizens, at the same time asking them to verify that the accreditation had been
The next tranche of sms - The incoming sms-messages in December regards rents and it informs that
"The annual register tax on its lease
expires in December. Please note that you have 30 days for payment, starting from
the new tax year”. Through this short message, the Revenue Agency remember
to individual landlords, who have entered into a multiannual contract and opted for the registration tax payment
year by year, that have thirty days to pay the
due tax amount. The aim of applying the sms-info-message strategy is to prevent, for a mere misunderstanding or a simple lapse, that
taxpayers find themselves pushed to pay later both penalties and

The Italian Revenue Agency met the Iranian Tax Administration. Vat, advanced tax ruling on new investments and online services at the center of the meeting
foto delle delegazione
Exchange of best practices and sharing of know-how. These were the main purposes of the study visit of a delegation of Iran’s Tax Administration (Inta) at the central offices of Italian Revenue Agency, held in Rome from 5th to 7th December.
The visit of the Iranian delegation was aimed at promoting awareness of each other's tax systems and is also aimed at highlighting investment opportunities and at illustrating the reciprocal tax incentives. Moreover, it offered the possibility to get insights about the mutual tax systems.
During the study visit, representatives of the Italian Revenue Agency have described, among the other things, the tax system, the internal organization of the tax administration and the new strategical approach aimed at   simplifying tax procedures, improving the quality of the services provided to taxpayers, increasing the level of voluntary tax compliance.
The issues discussed – The first day of study visit has covered some issues on which the foreign delegation requested to deal with the Agency: the comparison of Italian and Iranian tax system; the internal organization of the Italian Revenue Agency; the mission, the budget, the internal organization of Inta. Moreover, the meeting offered the Inta delegation the possibility to get insights about performance, best practices, strategies and Agency’s results.
The second day was more focused on online tax services such as Fisconline and Entratel with which
citizens can fulfill all tax obligations online (for example registering leasing contracts), prefilled tax return, to make individual taxpayers send tax returns easier and quicker. Moreover, the Italian Revenue Agency described electronic invoicing in order to make companies reduce the current reliance on paper invoices.
During the second day, the Inta delegation has presented its tax system and the reforms underway oriented towards the needs of taxpayers and new technologies development.
The last day, particular attention was given to risk analysis applied to tax evasion and to the new approach of the Italian Revenue Agency “Cambia verso”, that focuses on prevention more than repression of tax evasion.
It was also explained the new advance tax ruling on new investments through which investors can obtain from the Italian Revenue Agency an opinion concerning any kind of tax issues (even cumulatively) with respect to a specific investment plan and its implementation (e.g., tax treatment of leveraged buy out transactions).
During the meeting, the Iranian tax administration had also the opportunity to learn about the functioning of the Italian Vat system. Vat basic principles were illustrated as well as Vat payment procedures and collection methods such as Moss (Mini One Stop Shop) for telecommunications, broadcasting and electronic services rendered to non-taxable persons, split payment regime for goods and services supplied to Italian public bodies and reverse charge where customer becomes liable for the Vat due.

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