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The Italian Revenue Agency on Twitter
Since the end of January 2014, the Italian Tax administration has landed on Twitter. The launch of the official account @Agenzia_Entrate has built the Agency’s online presence beyond its public website and official YouTube account.
The Twitter tax agency account delivered 234 tweets to 7861 followers since its beginning, six months ago.
Italy’s Revenue Agency through Twitter is now able to more directly engage with the public by providing and delivering  a lot of information ranging from tax news to ad hoc services. In fact, with a user-friendly language, the Agency can now use a different approach to reach instantly thousands of taxpayers and remind them a variety of fiscal deadlines. So, taxpayers can be updated on tax matters in real time. With this new communication channel, the Tax administration wants to makes more direct and transparent its relationship with taxpayers, trying to respond on time to taxpayers’ needs that usually use the web to be updated.
The Italian Tax administration with this recent initiative on Twitter has taken another step in developing newly-established social networking strategy. In fact, it already has Youtube channel “Entrate in video”, that was opened in October 2012 with over 3.600 registered users and almost 500.000 million of views, where are published several videos explaining brand new fiscal issues such as tax breaks or tax services or how to fill tax returns  and so on.
Twitter account as well as Youtube channel have both been realised with internal resources and for free.
Italian Revenue Agency takes over the presidency of the Permanent Committee on Cadastre
The Italian Revenue Agency will lead the Permanent Committee on Cadastre in the European Union (PCC) in the second part of 2014, in parallel with the Italian Presidency of the European Union. The handover took place at the end of June 2014 during an international conference in Athens, organized by the Greek National Cadastre & Mapping Agency.
During the conference a set of important issues about cadastre was discussed among the  Permanent Committee on Cadastre delegates from Member States and representatives from other organizations.
The first day of the conference was dedicated to the debate on recent developments in the cadastral field that are involving the different EU countries. Greece, Sweden, Austria, Cyprus, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Spain and Finland showed all the innovative aspects of their cadastral systems.
The second day was focused on the marine cadastre, in particular on the innovations on which the European Commission is working as, for example, the planning of the sea’s use. Then all the countries have explained how new technologies impact on land administration, providing an overview of the cadastral systems’ status, from Cadastre 2014 to Cadastre 2034.
A summary of the activities of the Hellenic Presidency was described during the closing session by the Greek administration. The role of the Committee in the Eu was also discussed, given the increasing importance of national institutions that manage spatial information for the implementation of Community policies.
What Permanent Committee on Cadastre is?
PCC, founded in Italy in 2002, is a committee composed by representatives of the institutions that are responsible for cadastre in the EU Member States .
The mission of the Committee is to develop strategies and propose common initiatives with the aim of achieving greater co-ordination among the different European cadastral systems and their users.
The main objectives are to constitute a network of information on Cadastre to facilitate the exchange of information, expertise and best practices among its members and to represent a privileged link between cadastral institutions and the organs of the European Union and other entities requiring cadastral information to carry out their activities.
More information on, the official website of the Permanent Committee on Cadastre in the European Union.
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