Tax Pills

Parasites as protagonists of a communication campaign against tax evasion
“Who lives at the expense of others damages everyone”. This is one of the claim of the brand new communication campaign launched today by Ministry of Economy and Finance, Italian Revenue Agency and Publishing and Information department of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

The advertising campaign, signed by Saatchi & Saatchi, is structured in two TV commercials and two radio commercials, both with different subjects and claims. The first one presents tax dodgers as parasites of society while the second one remember, using 3D and motion graphic 2D, that paying taxes is pivotal to realize more and better services. Moreover, several advertisements will be posted up in the main train stations and airports and published on newspapers and magazines.

The project has been realized to raise the public awareness of tax evasion problem in Italy and, in particular, it aims to stimulate better behaviour and highlight the relation between paying taxes and improving public services. (va.ib.)
Tax Evasion, 25.4 billion euros collected in 2010
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The Italian Revenue Agency, together with the Institute for social security (Inps) and Equitalia (the Italian collection agent), recovered more than 25 billion euros of taxes and contributions in 2010. This is also the result of a synergistic action led by the three bodies, which, for the first time, presented jointly these outcomes. The collected amount, equal to 25.4 billion euros, is almost conclusive and is made up of: 17.1 billion recovered by the Revenue Agency, 10.5 billion of which (+15% compared to 2009) coming from formal controls and the recovering of tax evasion and 6.6 billion euros deriving from lower tax surplus, compared to 2009, used to compensate tax debits; 6.4 billion (+12%) recovered by Inps from contribution evasion; 1.9 billion euros (+19%) that Equitalia, besides the support provided to both Revenue Agency and Inps, collected on behalf of other government and local bodies.

Deep into details
Besides the arising of collection from enrolment on the register, very good results came from direct payments: +18% for the Revenue Agency and +9% for Inps. This suggests a widening of those taxpayers who chose to make use of deflationary tools useful to avoid tax disputes, such as acceptance, acquiescence, conciliation and of those who paid larger amount of money because of communication of irregularities (which inform taxpayers of the outcome of the automatic inspection - settlement - carried out on their tax return).

Aiming for cultural change
To be noted that in the last five years the pure recovering of tax evasion, carried out by the Revenue Agency, has increased by 140%, passing from 4.4 billion in 2006 to 10.5 billion last year. But this is not the sole objective of the Italian revenue body, in fact, as claimed its Director General, Mr. Attilio Befera: "We could deliver these significant results to the country thank to the good work of our organizational structure. These are very important results coming out from a more and more accurate and rigorous action of tackling evasion. However, our priority is focused on fostering the cultural change toward tax evasion."(al.len.)


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