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Now foreign citizens living in Italy  have an easier and faster access to information about Tax identification number (Codice fiscale). On Italian Revenue Agency YouTube Channel – -  are available two  new videos, in Spanish and in English, that explain how to obtain Tin (Tax identification  number) and el Código de Identificación Fiscal from Italian Tax Administration in a simple and direct way.  The two videoguides respond step by step to any dubts of foreign citizens that live in Italy, specifing the difference between EU and not EU citizens and answering practical questions such as: What is “Codice fiscale”? How to require it? Which is the competent office? Which documents foreign citizens have to present? Is it necessary to have a valid residence permit? And so on.  The Spanish version of the video has been realized thanks to the cooperation of a civil servant of Spanish Tax Administration  that was in Italy in occasion of a Fiscalis visit, the EU cooperation program dedicated to create and exchange  Tax expertise and information. Whereas the English one has been realized with the participation of a colleague of central Assessment Directorate.
Entrateinvideo: a succesful experience - The Revenue Agency YouTube channel was born last October with the aim to create  a new way to provide information easy to consult, easy to understand, easy to be updated. In few months we have published 18 tutorial, every one realized  by the civil servants of  the Italian Revenue  Agency without any cost for citizens, and we have obtained a very good result: 1694 subscriptions and  almost 400.000 visits.

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Awarded the best Revenue Agency civil servants
For the fourth edition in a row, the Italian Revenue Agency has awarded seven officials as the best civil servants for 2012. This year, one of Italy's most popular showmen, Rosario Fiorello has awarded the officials, celebrating the moment with humour and irony.
Criteria chosen to select and to award the best civil servants have been passion, capacity to innovate and dedication to work. The Agency is strongly committed to recognize the value of its human resources and to motivate the most competent officials, in the context of a more efficient and modern administration.
The officials awarded have been selected by an ad hoc Commission of Executives in three specific categories such as: fight against tax evasion and tax litigation, services and consultancy, coordination and support. Also this year, awards have been bought thanks to the self-taxation of Revenue Agency top management.
Here are the names and the profiles of the seven winners:

Category “Fight against tax evasion and tax litigation”:
  • Gianluca Fuochetti, 1st classified – He deals with tax controls at Regional Directorate of Marche.
He has received the award for a tax assessment activity whose results were a payment of taxes and interests for more than 10 millions of euro and not recognized losses for more than 52 millions of euro.
  • Marco Fedele, 2nd classified  –  He is  the team leader of Tax assessment office at Local Direction II of Rome.  The award has been conferred to him for his  important work of coordinating a fiscal verification focused on important companies that have given back  to the Treasury coffers 22 millions of euro.
Category “Services and consultancy”:
  • Lorena Maisto, 1st classified – She is the director of the local office of Mirandola. She has been awarded for her great efforts,  during the earthquake emergency on May  2012. She has guaranteed the efficiency of the office, protecting interests of the population involved in the emergency.
  • Fabio Davoli, 2nd classified – He works at the local office of Milano 1. He has been awarded for the successful project focused on constant monitoring  of the suitability of front office services and of the taxpayers satisfaction. With the data collected, it has been possible to improve the quality of tax services and to build dedicated spaces to a more comfortable waiting time.
Category “Coordination and support”:
  • Benedetto Di Piero, 1st classified – He has been awarded for his role as coordinator of relocation project at the new headquarter of L’Aquila.  His contribution has been  important because he has proposed innovative solutions, according to the modern criteria of security, well-being at work and energy efficiency.
  • Katia Caruso, 2nd classified – She works at tax breaks office of Central Directorate for tax regulations affairs. She has won the award for the co-operation in the elaboration of some circular notes in line with EU state aid law, during the earthquake of Abruzzo in 2009 and of Emilia Romagna in 2012.
  • Domenico Sica, 2nd ex aequo – He deals with management of tax litigation at Central Directorate for Legal Affairs and Fiscal Cases. He has received the award for his important contribution to the realisation of an informatic application in order to manage efficiently, effectively and economically the new instrument of fiscal arbitration.
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