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Taxpayers Services, Report 2008
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The Italian Revenue Agency has taken stock of Taxpayers services in 2008, and the outcome is definitely encouraging, in particular about online services, front office and call center.
The number of taxpayers that use online services increases year after year in Italy. In particular, on 2008 the online tax returns have been more than 37 millions (+3,7% compared to 2007), web tax payments have reach the amount of 30 millions (+9% compared to 2007) and the taxpayers that have looked up their own fiscal situation on “cassetto fiscale” – a kind of tax information postbox available online – have been almost 7 millions, more than 75% compared to 2007.
More than 9 millions of services have been provided by local offices located all over the Country, +7% compared to the previous year, and have mostly regarded assistance about communications of irregularity and notices of payment, support in filling out tax returns and their online submission.  Moreover, in 2008 more than 1 million of  taxpayers have used the special service to fix an appointment with a tax officer to solve their specific problems, on the rise compared to 2007.  Almost 2 millions of taxpayers have also shown to prefer stay in touch with the Italian Revenue Agency using  call canter, emails and sms, to ask information or resolve tax issues. In 2009, the Tax Administration is improving efficiency of its call center  system through the use of Voip technology that allows to accelerate response time and reduce operating costs. (va.ib.)

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