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Award for the best civil servants of Italian Revenue Agency
Seven officials of the Italian Revenue Agency have been adjudged as the best civil servants for 2011. Four sport champions have awarded the officials: Greta Cicolari and Marta Menegatti, gold medals at beach volley european championships, Andrea Cassarà and Rossano Galtarossa, olympic champions in fencing and rowing.
For the third year in a row, the Agency has decided to award the officials that have demonstrated outstanding performances for the quality, innovation and effectiveness of their own work.
The objectives of the award are aimed at improving the quality of work and services of the Italian Revenue Agency at national and regional level and inspiring and motivating civil servants.
The officials awarded were selected by an ad hoc Commission of executives in three specific categories such as: fight against tax evasion and tax litigation, services and consultancy, coordination and support.
“They represent the best of the Italian Revenue Agency. They come from all over Italy, said during the award ceremony Deputy Director General, Marco Di Capua, and they have different job profiles, but they have showed the same great passion, sense of belonging and results-orientation.
Here are the names and the profiles of the seven winners:
Category “Fight against tax evasion and tax litigation”:
  • Nicola Valente, 1st classified -  He is head of tax assessment sector at Regional Directorate of Friuli Venezia Giulia. He was conferred the award appreciating his important work of coordinating an action against tax evasion towards a big insurance company that has given back 110 millions of euro.
  • Nicolina Stefanizzi, 2nd classified – She deals with tax litigation at Regional Directorate of Lombardia. He was awarded because he has dealt successfully with litigations management, obtaining important results for the Agency’s victory in tax litigation.
Category “Services and consultancy”:
  • Patrizia Matrullo, 1st classified – She is coordinator of the local office Genova 1, where she works with passion, assisting and informing the taxpayers. She was awarded for the successful project focused on the decentralization of info points that has foreseen the temporary opening of tax information points at some mountain regions in order to help the taxpayers during the period of tax returns.
  • Anna Maria Pagnotta, 2nd classified ex aequo – She deals with taxes management at Regional Directorate of Calabria. Her contribution was important for planning and control activities and also for business intelligence and internet tax services.
  • Valeria Ibello, 2nd classified ex aequo – She is press officer at the press office of communication sector. She has demonstrated a great ability to make comprehensible tax matters to the general public thanks to the drafting of reports and press releases. She was also involved in the promotion of the advertising campaign against tax evasion at national and international level.
Category “Coordination and support”
  • Giorgio Giordanella, 1st classified –  He deals with real estates management at Regional Directorate of Piemonte.  Due to his great efforts he has realised  a software to manage Agency’s buildings budget, he participates to the realisation of the kindergarten at the Directorate.
  • Cosimo Tomai Pitinca, 2nd classified -  He works in the communication sector at Regional Directorate of Umbria. He was conferred the award appreciating the project “Integration and Legality”, initiative aimed at informing the immigrants about the main tax fulfillments and services of the Agency and the regional coordination of the project “Tax and School” with 88 events organized in 2011. (cl. sc.)
The refreshed “Italian Income Calculator” Redditometro is back on the tax stage
immagine metro
The Italian Revenue Agency top management has announced, on 25th October during a meeting with social parties, that the revamped ‘redditometro’ - the computer data system which compares taxpayers’ income declarations with their spending habits – will be fully operational starting from end-February next year.
Particularly, it has been highlighted that the last version of this instrument will operate as an innovative and alternative device of control focusing at taxpayer compliance rather than an aggressive anti-evasion mechanism. To meet this ambitious target the innovative system will look at “…whether a taxpayer’s declaration of taxable income is effectively coherent with his or her overall spending capacity” as stressed by the Head of the Agency, Attilio Befera.
This strategy marks a radical change against the previous ‘redditometro’ which was based exclusively upon the possession of certain assets, such as yachts or large cars. Shortly, the spending capacity appears now to prevail over the traditional concept of possession.
Moving from the strategic field to the operational one, the Agency’s Tax Assessment Director, Luigi Magistro, while illustrating how the system would work, underlined that it is “absolutely reliable” since the spending capacity is based and measured upon actual, not estimated, expenditure. However, during its demonstration, it has been emphasized that only a high difference between the spending and declared income would lead to action.
Regarding the variety of spending monitored, a miscellaneous of 100 indicators, under the category of housing are included, for example, first and second residences, mortgages, restructuring work undertaken and furniture purchased, while vehicles possessed stretch through large and small cars, caravans, motor cycles and yachts.
Information on a taxpayer’s social security contributions and insurance policies are also collected, as are recreational pursuits including sports, club registrations, pay-tv subscriptions, hotels and health clubs; and family education spending including play centers, primary and secondary schools, degrees and foreign language courses.
Other significant expenditures are taken in, for example on art, antiques and charitable donations, as is the difference in the annual valuation of property investments held.

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