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The Italian Revenue Agency presents 2011 outcomes
The Italian Tax Administration reached two new records in 2011. The last year due to focused and scientific assessment actions and to an effective risk analysis the Revenue Agency recovered 12.7 billion (+15,5% respect to 2010) and, regarding services dedicated to taxpayers, the Administration served 9.5 million of citizens (+7% respect to 2010) delivering more than 2 million of pin-codes, necessary to utilize tax web services, registering an increase in 2011, respect to 2010, of 30%.

This is the balance of Revenue Agency activities for 2011 that confirms the growth, already centered in 2010  when were recovered 11 billion of euro, in boosting Treasury coffers and  in strengthening  the develop of even more simplified  dialogue with taxpayers.
The strategy carried on in these years has also achieved  an important result about Vat in terms of tax compliance. In fact the tax gap, the amount of tax liability faced by taxpayers that is not paid on time, is decreased, passing from 31,6% of 2008 to 27,7 of 2010. These data prove that Italy is getting closer to the other European Countries whose tax gap rate goes around 14-15%.
Results of 2011 activities and prospective for 2012 of Italian Revenue Agency were illustrated to the journalists in occasion of a press conference hold on 29th March 2012. The Revenue Agency General Director has declared  that the Tax Administration has registered improvements in every sector, an important result achieved thanks both to the professionalism of employees and to the strategies carried on looking constantly at effectiveness and efficiency. These outcomes  are more remarkable considering that Revenue Agency’s human resources are decreased in these years. (va. Ib.)
Approved the decree on tax simplification
Italian government has approved a decree on tax simplification which came into effect on 2nd of March.

The new decree introduces a wide range of tax news  such as tax imposed on property located abroad not payable if the amount does not exceed 200 euro, possibility by Italian Revenue Agency to elaborate selected lists of taxpayers that have not released any fiscal receipt and so on.

Here are the main tax news included in the decree:

Property located abroad
The payment of taxes applied on property located abroad is not necessary if the amount of the tax duty, calculated applying the rate of 0,76% doesn’t exceed 200 euro.
If the property is situated in countries belonging to the EU or in the country joining the European Economic Area (EEA), which ensure an adequate exchange of information, the value on which it is possible to calculate the tax duty is the tax base used in the foreign country to fulfill any tax on property or transfer. Only in the absence of these parameters can be used the cost resulting from the contract.

Selected lists for who doesn’t issue any fiscal receipt
It has been foreseen the elaboration of selected lists of taxpayers who have not issued any fiscal receipt in several occasions and for this violation they have been often signalled by citizens to Italian Revenue Agency or to Guardia di Finanza.

Lowering of  Vat compensations’ threshold
In order to strengthen the fight against abuse as regards the use of Vat credits in compensation, it has decreased from 10.000 euro to 5.000 euro per year the limit above that the compensation can be done exclusively through internet services of Italian Revenue Agency, as far from the sixteenth day of the month following the presentation of the request, from which the credit comes out.

Foreclosure and mortgage
20.000 euro is the threshold  under which the collection agent cannot register any mortgage warranty and therefore activate a procedure of expropriation of real estate.
The foreclosure by collection agent becomes softer for salaries or other allowances. In fact the fifth of the salary foreseen until today will be valid only on amounts above 5.000 euro, for sums between 2.000 euro and 5.000 euro it will become the seventh and the tenth for sums until 2.000 euro.

Higher threshold for tax enforcement procedures
As far from 1st of July 2012, it has not foreseen  any tax enforcement procedure  for fiscal credits that don’t exceed 30 euro , except when there are continuous violations related to the same tax duty.

Imposed closing of non active Vat numbers
Italian taxpayers will have a new opportunity to avoid imposed closing of Vat number, in the case of continuous non activity. In fact Italian Revenue Agency will activate the closing procedure, informing taxpayers who have Vat number, but not have yet presented the compulsory return for ceased activity and it will invite them to pay, within 30 days, a sanction reduced to one third of the minimum. Within the same deadline of 30 days, taxpayers involved can provide further information to avoid imposed closing of Vat number. In absence of valid reasons, Italian Revenue Agency will proceed with the closing.

Stamp duty on bank, postal and deposit accounts
Since 1st of January a stamp duty is due on bank, postal and deposit accounts: 0,1% this year, 0,15% as from next year. (cl. sc.)
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