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Game over for “ghost houses”
Closed with significant results the final stage of a complex control activity on buildings unidentified in the Land Registry.
The operation began in 2007,  when the digitalization of cadastre was completed, carried out matching the cadastral maps with the aerial images of the Italian territory, made available by Agea (Agenzia per le erogazioni in agricoltura ).
Comparing the aerial photos with the cadastral maps made possible to identify some buildings present in a specific area but absent in the cadastral database.
The control activity, that involved in a complex series of investigations the technical offices of the Italian Tax administration, brought forth the assessment and registration in the Land Registry of over 1.200.000 urban estates. Of these, almost 769.000 have been given a definitive cadastral income, the value for tax purposes of real estate properties, while to 492.000 have been assigned an estimated income, based on definite parameters acquired also with external inspections to irregular buildings.
In the first case, taxpayers provided, voluntarily by 30thNovember 2012 when the assessment activities on irregular buildings ended, all the information and documents to update the Land Registry and assign a definitive income, for a total amount of  537 million euro.
The estimated income of “ghost houses” have been valued at about 288 million euro.
In total, therefore, amounts to over 825 million euro the cadastral income associated to the real estate assessed and recorded in the cadastral data base.
The Ministry of Economy and Finance has estimated that the operation "ghost houses”, if the provisional income are confirmed, could bring in the Italian Treasury about 589 million euro, arising from the higher revenue of personal income tax, rental registration fees and local municipal tax.
In the table, all the numbers of "ghost houses".

New look and contents for Italian Revenue Agency website
Completely revamped the website, because of the integration of the two websites of the Revenue Agency and Real Estate and Land Registry Agency, that, since 1st of December 2012, were merged into one. This incorporation guarantees a saving of public spending in line with Italian Spending Review.

Now it is easier and speeder searching for tax and cadastral information and using online services thanks to an user-friendly navigation.
Accessing to the new portal, the citizen can both calculate the stamp duty on vehicles, fill in tax declaration and obtain cadastral certificate, correct some common mistakes in the cadastral database as such as the holder and the address of the property. All these web services are available on
The homepage now hosts, in addition to tax information and services, all the news about Omi - Real Estate Observatory. It is also possible access to Sister, the service that allows to consult and update cadastral and mortgage’s database.
In order to identify at first sight where are all the services, documentation and software of ex Real Estate and Land Registry Agency, they were clustered and labelled as cadastral and mortgage’s information.
Moreover, the map on the website’s homepage contains all the contents of that are now published on

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