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Stop to fraudulent compensations
For the first time, the Italian Tax Administration has set up a specific antifraud task force in order to fight illegal compensations and at the same time to strength the standard tax enforcement activities. There are two different types of evasion related to the use of this instrument: the first is spread and regards individual behaviours, whilst  the second is more complex and focuses on tax frauds. The Italian Revenue Agency is fighting these phenomena through a specific and targeted strategy and good results has been reached just after few months of antifraud task force activity.
In the effort to arrest spread tax evasion, the taskforce has analysed 80.000 taxpayers and has discovered, 8.000 cases of abusive compensations, for a total amount of 150 millions of Euro. All these sums are already on the way to be collected, thanks to the new and innovative procedure used.
Concerning tax fraud, the task force is improving enforcement activities direct to tackle illicit practices realised through the establishment of shadows companies, illegal management consultant activities and fraudulent invoices. With reference to 2007, 2008 and the first three months of 2009, the analysis of Intelligence has highlighted, only in few months of activity, 200 highly risk cases of suspect compensations, for a total amount of 170 millions of Euro. This phenomenon regards principally the building sector (47%) and reveals a strong unbalance on the distribution all over the Italian territory. (va.ib.)
Tax evasion, guidelines 2009
evasori nel mirino
The fight against tax evasion goes on in Italy. The Italian Revenue Agency has defined the guidelines for 2009 tax enforcement strategy, to strengthen the prevention and the fight against tax evasion. It has been developed a plan in ten steps in order to tackle people and business owners who deliberately attempt to avoid their tax responsibilities.
In particular, the Italian Tax Administration has put under control luxury goods and services in order to detect taxpayers with a purchasing power higher than they declare; has tightened investigations on fictitious residences in other Countries to take advantage of their tax conditions; has increased enforcement activities to discover fraudulent Vat compensations.
Moreover, the action plan regards tax frauds, risk analysis, financial investigations and big enterprises tutoring.
The aim for 2009 is to collect, at least, 7.2 billion of Euro thanks to enforcement activities, which, in 2008, have brought into Treasury's cash 6,9 billion of Euro, resulting in 8% compared to 2007. (va.ib.)
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