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The Italian Revenue Agency rewrites letters and forms
Clearer language and simpler instructions to understand for millions of Italian taxpayers that receive letters from the Tax Administration or have to fill forms to require, for example, allowances or declare incomes.
The Italian Revenue Agency has rewritten 65 documents, using a simplified structure and a less technical language aiming to help Italian citizens to perform their tax duties. This project is part of a wider plan focusing on the reduction of tax fulfillments.
In particular, the project was born in 2010 and almost every directorate of the Tax Administration is, at the moment, involved. The first important step has been scanning and evaluating all the documents used, after that, all the letters and forms have been rewrote following the “rules” of a much more clear and simple speaking.
The job will continue and for every brand new tax document to release the Revenue Agency will evaluate the language used to be as close as possible to taxpayers, the layout and the content’s structure to offer every single citizen an ever better service.

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Italy: Growth Decree becomes Law
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The Decree Law n. 83/2012 of June, that has introduced urgent measures in order to further economic development and growth of the country, has become Law today after Parliament's approval.
The most important fiscal measures contained are related to building renovations and qualified human resources.

Higher deductions to renovate buildings
New opportunities for who wants to renovate and make "greener" its home building; in fact as far from 26th of June until the end of June 2013, all taxpayers can deduct the 50% of the expenses sustained to renovate buildings. The Government has increased this percentage previously foreseen at 36% and, at the same time, has doubled the threshold of expenses on which calculate the allowance, that passes from 48.000 euro to 96.000 euro.
Good news also for the "save energy" detraction, that until the end of June 2013 will remain at the rate of 55%. In this case the threshold of expenses on which calculate the allowance changes according to the kind of house energy renovation.

Tax credit for qualified human resources
With the decree 83/2012 arrives a brand new tax credit dedicated to all the enterprises, regardless of legal form, dimension, business sector and accounting regime, that hire high qualified personnel (phd, master's degree in scientific and technical matters, research activities) with a permanent contract of employment (article 24 of the decree). The new allowance of 35% is calculated on the cost that the enterprise sustains for the employee, with a threshold of 200.000 euro per year.
In order to benefit of this tax credit, enterprises have to send a request to the Ministry of economic development that will assign this benefit considering that the overall amount available is 25 million of euro for 2012 and 50 million of euro since 2013.
Enterprises lose the allowance if the number of employees is lower or equal to that one indicated into the financial statement, if the employ lasts less than three years (two years in case of small and medium enterprises), or, for example in case of fiscal or labour infringements.

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