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Brand new Italian plan to tackle tax evasion
Watchwords: tough fight against fraud and dialogue with citizens
Headlights on the most insidious frauds and serious cases of tax evasion, with the aim of identifying the most dangerous behaviors, that can have a major impact on the competitiveness and hide corruption. Great caution about assessments based on presumptions and about the use of financial investigations, avoiding requests for very minor amounts, clearly attributable to the normal personal or family expenses. In the meantime, exclusively formal disputes will be abandoned, giving centrality to dialogue with citizens. With circular no. 25/2014, released at the beginning of August, the Italian Revenue Agency presents the new strategy for the prevention and the fight against tax evasion, calling the offices, in charge of direct assessment activity, to the utmost fairness and proportionality, in a context of sincere cooperation and good faith. All the assessments must be based on thorough risk analysis "calibrated" according to the types of taxpayers.
Large taxpayers and Individuals: two examples of a targeted strategy
For large taxpayers, i.e. those with a turnover of over 100 million euro, the Revenue Agency focuses attention on the phenomena of real tax evasion, such as the relocation of income in countries with a more favorable tax regime and the aggressive tax planning. For individuals, the Revenue Agency points out that, applying the “redditometro”, the preliminary selection of taxpayers with a “tax evasion risk” should be carefully prepared by the offices so as to trigger the assessment only in case of significant discrepancies between declared incomes and expenses. The circular no. 25/2014 goes on to assert that, for the protection of the citizen, during the confrontation with the tax authorities, a careful evaluation of the evidence and explanations provided by the taxpayers must be guaranteed.
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“Tell me what is wrong”. Italian Revenue Agency is ready to receive your feedback
Would you like to file a complaint or address a suggestion to the Italian Revenue Agency? Now you can. And if you want, you could do even more. During the last spring, the Agency opened a new communication channel, running mainly via internet, in order to listen to the messages that the Italian taxpayers would like to address to its offices. In fact, using this channel, citizens now can report to tax administration’s offices claims, proposals and even appreciations. Citizens’ opinions have a pivotal role because the main aim of this initiative is to improve the fiscal services offered.
With the introduction of the new system, the cases submitted by the taxpayers will receive an effective response and will be used to enhance services. Nowadays, it is also possible reporting a disservice with the presentation of a specific form at the office, or via mail.
How can I report outages or propose solutions? Well, for instance, if you want to report a complaint, a suggestion or praise, just click on, section "Contatta l’Agenzia”, then open the page that allows the taxpayer to forward the complaint, suggestion or appreciation to the Agency.
Thanks to the new channel, the Agency will translate the users' reports on specific inputs aimed at improving operational processes. Intercepting complaints of citizens is important, but not enough. It should also take into consideration the advice of citizens in order to build an effective system of listening to the needs of taxpayers. Responding effectively to complaints, expression of discomfort and dissatisfaction, allows the Agency to identify and remove organizational anomalies. However, the removal of critical points is not sufficient. In order to refine their operational processes, the Agency has therefore implemented the detection of the degree of user satisfaction, introducing some changes to the handling reports procedure receiving and monitoring not just complaints, but also suggestions, appreciations and praises.
Finally, involving the Taxpayers assistance centres is important to reach the goal. In fact, by extending  the activity of the newborn “listening channel” (the “taxpayers feedback’s data collection”) to the phone assistance, which represents 20% of the services provided, the new system will cover the most of the performances of front-line services (10 million the total number of services provided by local offices and 2 million  by Taxpayers assistance centres).

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