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Fostering tax transparency, Italian Revenue Agency and Aics together to support Albania to implement the automatic exchange of information
Contribute to the adoption and implementation by Albania of the Automatic Exchange of Information on financial accounts for tax purposes, according to the Common Reporting Standard (Crs). This is the main objective of  “Fostering Tax Transparency in Albania”, the pilot project that is going to start thanks to the sign today of the agreement between the Director of the  Italian Revenue Agency, Rossella Orlandi, and the Director of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, Laura Frigenti.
This pilot project is part of a wider action launched late 2014 by the Global forum on Transparency and Exchange of information finalized to assist Countries to implement the new Common Reporting Standard.
Within this framework, Italy took the challenge to sustain for three years Albania through a peer to peer knowledge transfer approach. In fact, the Italian Revenue Agency will contribute to the application in Albania of the automatic Exchange of information  in the form of supporting technical and ruling implementation of Crs, consulting and training Albanian tax officials (classes and on-the-job). In particular, Italian tax officers will provide technical assistance in four areas such as confidentially and data safeguards requirements, primary and secondary legislation, designing, realizing and maintaining an appropriate Ict infrastructure and managing automatic exchange of information.
The “Fostering tax transparency in Albania” pilot project is financed by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (Aics) as part of cooperation activities in favor of developing Countries.
The initiative responds to the commitments made by Italy in the seventh meeting of the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information, promoted by Ocse, held in Berlin on 29 October 2014. In fact, during the meeting fifty Countries, including Italy and Albania, have signed an agreement to facilitate the automatic exchange of financial information through the Common Reporting Standard and representatives of the G5 Group have expressed the will to assist developing Countries, such as Albania, in implementing the necessary reforms for the adoption of the Automatic exchange of Information.
Moreover, the agreement signed today marks the start of an institutional cooperation between the Italian Revenue Agency and the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation in favor of developing Countries, in the spirit of the United Nations lines of action for sustainable world development and the Addis Tax Initiave, joined by the Italian Government in July 2015.

Cooperative compliance form available in English
Cooperative compliance form and instructions are now available in English on the Italian Revenue Agency website dedicated to foreign citizens
Starting from today, non-resident taxpayers will have an easier approach to the  application form necessary to access to the cooperative compliance, the program, introduced by Law Decree n 128/2015 and set up by the Italian Tax Administration, in order to promote an enhanced cooperation with large taxpayers, aimed at increasing the level of  certainty on relevant tax issues and, consequently, to prevent controversies in tax matters.
To access the program, interested eligible taxpayers must file the application form, reporting fundamental information on the enterprise, as explained in the instructions, with particular regard to the adopted tax control framework. The form can be used both to exercise the option to join cooperative compliance regime and to express the desire not to remain. The scheme applies to the tax period during which the application is submitted to Italian Revenue Agency and it’s automatically renewed if it’s not expressly communicated by taxpayer he doesn’t intend to.
It is important to know that resident taxpayers have to present the form exclusively by certified electronic email, whereas, in case a non-resident applicant has not appointed a domiciliary in Italy, the query could be sent by ordinary email.

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