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Tax Pills

  • Ready the Revenue Agency new operational guidelines for 2021 activities. At the center a further reshaping of services in a smart and digital key


    Over the past year, tax administrations moved many of their processes online following the trend dictated by digital resilience with the aim to counter the epidemic crisis. Even Italy’s Revenue Agency has massively adopted this strategy in order to substitute in-person communication with a virtual or digital means during the crisis and, at the same time, shift a significant percentage of communications from paper to digital. This development will be further reinforced, according to the new guidelines, till to encompass a vast range of services and activities, implementing a permanent and long-term strategic vision, no longer transitory. Particularly, as mentioned by Circular n. 4/2021, there will be three main operational guidelines in driving the Agency work in the coming future: implementation of the services to citizens, consultancy for taxpayers and prevention of illegal phenomena such as those attributable to tax frauds. All these working chapters will be linked on a compliance enrichment, so as to constantly dialogue with taxpayers and, if needed, send them preemptive communications just in case of errors or anomalies.

    Enhancement of existing services and development of new services such as applications and virtual channels - The Agency will give priority to the provision of tax refunds and grants to citizens and businesses, in order to guarantee the liquidity necessary to counter the effects generated by pandemic emergency and, at the same time, will enhance assistance to taxpayers by ensuring a wide availability of appointments, both by telephone and in person. A special push will interest smart and on remote services which allow citizens, via e-mail or Pec, to obtain tax refunds, fiscal certificates, the assignment of the tax code, the inheritance declaration form or the registration of private acts.

    The new web service "Document delivery" - With regard to digital services, in 2021, the web service "Document delivery" will be fully operational. Particularly, authorized users will deliver documents and applications electronically, either following a specific request from the Revenue Agency or on their own initiative, in this case for personal needs. This service will be disallowed where regulations or provisions of the Director of the Agency provide for a specific and alternative method of presentation, transmission or communication of the documents requested.

    Stefano Latini

  • Pre-filled tax returns 2021, from today available online for millions of taxpayers

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    The new season of the pre-filled tax return is thus at the starting line. Indeed, from today, millions of pre-filled Redditi and 730 tax return forms will be available on the Revenue Agency official website by accessing the dedicated section. Precompiled forms are enriched by all the information related to deductible expenses. In fact, even this year, marked by the Covid-19 outbreak, the Revenue Agency has proved able to achieve this goal by managing over a billion of information, collected and inserted in the precompiled tax returns following an analytical, functional and organized scheme experimented by years. Once compiled and eventually modified and/or integrated, both tax forms, Redditi and 730, can be sent starting from May 19th. In addition, an ad hoc Guide has been also elaborated and therefore ready to help taxpayers in managing correctly the prefilled forms step by step.

    Almost a billion of data available on the precompiled-tax forms - The data made available to taxpayers is close to one billion, adding to those already available a set of new information, starting this year, on the holiday bonus, school expenses and donations made to educational institutes. In first place, as usual, are the data relating to health costs incurred by citizens, which this year settle at 718 million. Following are the numbers relating to insurance premiums, equal to 93.6 million. On the other hand, the donations processed by the tax authorities are 549 thousand, more than double the 205 thousand registered last year.

    A valuable Guide to help citizens to find the right direction around a sea of data and tax sections – As reported by the Guide, from 19 May citizens can accept or modify both 730 or Redditi tax forms already pre-filled and pass them from a PC or tablet and smartphone. There is time until 30 September for sending the 730, while for the Redditi Form until 30 November. From this year, points out the Guide, the 19% deduction is due provided that the charge has been paid with traceable payment methods (for example debit, credit and prepaid cards, bank checks and cashier's checks). However, this rule, the Guide continues, does not apply, and therefore the expense is deductible even if paid in cash, to the expenses incurred for the purchase of medicines and medical devices and for health services provided by public facilities or private facilities accredited to the National Health Service.

    How to access - To access the pre-filled form, taxpayers must authenticate in the reserved area of the Revenue Agency website using Spid (Public digital identity system), Cie (Electronic identity card), CNS (National card services), INPS or with the credentials issued by the Revenue Agency.

    Stefano Latini