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  • Pre-filled tax return 2020: from today green-light to send the self-compiled form 730. A Revenue Agency guide help you acting smoothly


    The channel for sending your pre-filled 730 has been opened and 1.3 million citizens have already viewed their fiscal declaration online in the first 9 days. Starting today is possible to accept it with the data entered by the Agency, or integrate it. All online, directly from home using the pc, tablet or smartphone and by logging in with Spid, the credentials of the Agency, the national services card or the Inps device pin. The deadline for sending you tax return on the platform managed by the technological partner Sogei is set at 30 September 2020. Among the most active are the citizens of Lombardy, followed by Lazio, Piedmont and Veneto. Starting today is also possible to modify the Income model, which can be sent from May 19 to November 30.

    An ad hoc guide with all the instructions to follow step by step - From today is also available a guide specifically dedicated to the precompiled 730 model. The guide, freely downloadable from the Agency website explains step by step the procedures to follow to send your fiscal declaration, from how to request the necessary authorizations to how to calculate the tax refund due, from how to cancel a 730 already sent, if an error has been made, to how to prepare a joint declaration. In addition, all deadlines, fiscal news of this year and the benefits of "do it yourself" are duly remembered.

    All the answers in the Agency's vademecum, in details - The dedicated guide, "Pre-filled fiscal declaration 2020", available in the tax guides section "Agenziainforma" of the Revenue website and in the online daily magazine FiscoOggi, give helpful details on the steps to be taken to present your own tax return and accompanies taxpayers to complete their tax returns without making mistakes. First of all, the guide explains what is the precompiled tax return, defines the different ways to access the model and remembers the different phases and deadlines preceding the final presentation of the fiscal declaration. The guide also lists the type of information already entered, highlighting the new arrivals compared to the last year. Particularly, taxpayers can accept the pre-filled tax return, correct improper data, integrate the model and, finally, proceed with sending directly from their own pc or by delegating a Caf, a qualified professional or the withholding agent. To orientate in a correct way, the guide shows in depth how to behave according to the chosen procedure.

    Multiple channels - To access the precompiled, you must first have Spid or Fisconline credentials issued by the Agency or the Inps device pin or the National Services Card (Cns). And who doesn't have them? Don't worry, the guide provides useful instructions for requesting the necessary access keys. Indeed, the guide "prepares" the taxpayer to easily pass all the steps envisaged by the procedure, from the choice of the most suitable model of tax declaration to the electronic submission of the tax return. It also examines specific cases, such as the presentation of the joint tax return or, particularly important news introduced recently.

    The pre-filled already sent can be canceled, corrected, integrated, but how? - The guide indicates, in detail, the methods and terms for correcting errors or completing the declaration.

    Stefano Latini

  • A full kit of agile and simplified fiscal services. The Revenue guide is online

    tax pills servizi agili

    Do you wish to know how to obtain a specific certificate, as the tax code, or how to have a fiscal refund on your bank account, all in a simplified way and without having to go to the office desk? To find out, all you have to do is to read the new online guide of the Revenue Agency specifically dedicated to describe the full range of new simplified procedures introduced by the Agency to allow taxpayers to request fiscal services. Particularly, the guide give details on how to obtain the tax code for the newborn child, how to request a refund of indirect taxes and how to register to access the telematic services managed by the Revenue.

    Alternative channels at the counter - The Revenue Agency information tools to assist taxpayers are manifold: the internet portal, the mobile app, contact center and e-mail boxes. In particular, many of the services that the Revenue provides at the counter can be also activated directly on the website, without requiring any registration (for example, filling in and printing the payment form F23, the calculation of the car stamp, the correction of the cadastral data of the buildings and so on). For other services, it is necessary to be in possession of the PIN code, which can be requested online or through a dedicated App of the Revenue Agency, downloadable on own smartphone.

    Request of the tax code or of the duplicate - To assign the tax code, the taxpayer can send the request, scanned, by e-mail or PEC. In the same way, the certificate will also be sent to the taxpayer. Online services can be used to request a duplicate tax code/health card. However, even in this case it is possible to send the scanned model AA4/8 via e-mail or PEC, together with a copy of the identity document.

    Registration of acts - If you still intend to submit some acts for registration, the documentation can also be sent by PEC or e-mail and, after the emergency period, deposit an original of the registered documentation in the office.

    Tax refunds - Requests for refunds of direct taxes or VAT or other indirect taxes can be sent via PEC or e-mail. Any supporting documentation and, in any case, a copy of a valid identity document must be attached to the request electronically.

    Enabling of telematic services – In details, the enablement request form can be sent, digitally signed, through PEC. The PEC address must be for the exclusive use of the applicant in order to guarantee the confidentiality of the first part of the PIN code and the initial password that will be sent by the Agency. The second part of the Pin will be taken directly by the applicant, selecting the following links from the homepage of the Agency website: "Reserved Area → Not yet registered? → Registration with Fisconline → For those who have requested the Pin from an Office " and by entering the data contained in the print sent by the office.

    The precompiled tax return – Within the guide a particular space is reserved to the pre-filled tax return. In this regard, the first step is to access the precompiled fiscal declaration. To do this, a taxpayer need SPID credentials, "Public System of Digital Identity", that allow to access the services of the Public Administration or Fisconline credentials, issued by the Revenue Agency. In alternative, taxpayers can also use INPS credentials issued by the social security institution, with which to access the precompiled directly from the INPS website. Finally, it is also possible to access with the National Service Card (CNS).

    Stefano Latini