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Italy’s Revenue Agency launches the new video call service for taxpayers assistance

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The video call service is active from today and will enable taxpayers to enter in a “live” dialogue with the officials of the Revenue Agency. Therefore, it will now be possible to receive targeted and personalized assistance on refunds, tax returns, lease contracts and request of duplicate health card with a simple video call directly from your computer, tablet or smartphone. With this new contact channel, the Agency wants to be ever closer to citizens who cannot go to the office but at the same time wish to have a direct dialogue with an Agency expert. A video, available on the Agency's YouTube channel and an updated guide, reachable on the website, show citizens how to access the service.

How to book a video call - To schedule a video call with a revenue officer, just use the booking service active both on the Agency website (Home - Contacts and assistance - Book an appointment) and on the "Revenue Agency" App, then select the topic of interest and choose the date and time. The request for an appointment can be addressed either to one's own office of reference (by residence, registered office or place of registration of a deed) or to the one in charge of the file to be processed. In this first phase there are three options available to citizens: "Acts and inheritances" (Register area); “Declarations and refunds” (Direct taxes area); "Tax code and duplicate health card" (Identification area). The office may also offer the taxpayer an appointment via video call, if it is useful to close a case in a simpler and faster way. It’s important to stress that to protect the confidentiality of all the people involved, the Revenue Agency will not to make any video or audio recordings and will not to acquire images during the connection and will ask the user of the service to do the same.

The offer of digital services is growing – The pandemic and post-pandemic environment has changed radically the tone and style of interactions with taxpayers pushing tax administrations to take an ever more taxpayer-centric approaches in delivering fiscal services and assistance. Put differently, taxpayer engagement as ways of interacting with them have changed, often moving to a virtual environment, including tax administration’s service offerings. In this context, the new video Italian video call fiscal service is a further enhanced step on this path. It’s therefore necessary to recall as to promote new services, Italy launched a vast communication campaign to increase the use of digital services and to promote the new ways of engaging the tax administration. Particularly, Italy used several communication tools: dedicated webpages on the institutional website, social media campaigns, social help desks, press releases, tax guides, leaflets, posters, webinars and video conferences. Therefore, the new video call service expands a kit of assistance means already in place and represents a further enhancement on a ever more taxpayer-centric approaches.

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