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Revenue Agency Conference on the 2022 Results. Services provided to millions of taxpayers - 2

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On the services side, in 2022, 672 billion euro of payments have passed through F24, almost exclusively online, while in the same period the Revenue Agency has managed 2.2 billion b2b and b2c electronic invoices. Moreover, that is not all, the 'Credit Transfer Platform' has worked 12 million notices of assignment of credits relating to building bonuses last year, while over 1.4 million telematics recorders has been activated in 2022. These are some of the most significant volumes managed by the Agency through technological channels.

Keep rising the appeal of web and internet fiscal tools – Data on the use of online services by taxpayers are also on the rise. In 2022, more than 9 out of 10 rental contracts were registered on PCs. A similar ratio for successions: 92.2% were worked through digital applications. The Online is also popular in the 'Territory' area where consultations of cadastral databases, for example, take place at the front office in less than 2% of cases. The year 2022 saw also the evolution of the web ticket service (which allows users to 'detach', online or on the Agency's app, a ticket to be used in the office) and of the pre-call and video call assistance services (for rents, health cards, tax declarations and fiscal refunds). Another new feature introduced in 2022 is the Revenue Agency's video call assistance service. Thanks to this service, which allows, remotely, registering a rental contract, obtaining assistance on declarations and refunds or requesting a duplicate health card, the Agency can provide the necessary assistance on video, without the taxpayer having to go to the office.

No touch for one in four 730 tax returns and make way for the VAT prefilled – In 2022, 23.2 million prepopulated 730s were submitted, 4.1 million of which were sent in autonomously by citizens. Almost 1 in 4 'do-it-yourself' 730s (23.6 per cent) were sent in without changes, as prepared by the Revenue Agency. Last year, moreover, all the preliminary activities were carried out for the preparation of the annual pre-compiled VAT return referring to transactions carried out as of 1 January 2022, which since 10 February has been made available to approximately 2.4 million taxpayers included in the first experimental stage.

Fiscal advices and measures for attracting investment – The 2022 saw the Revenue Agency reply to almost 16,000 rulings at regional level and over 2,000 at central level. In addition, 36 circulars letters and 81 resolutions were drafted. The Revenue Agency also provided specialised assistance and advice to businesses: thanks to the advance tax ruling tool for new investment, 19 requests were answered in 2022, which are expected to bring about 2,500 new jobs and multi-year investments worth around EUR 10.4 billion. In addition, 15 more companies were admitted to the cooperative compliance regime last year, bringing the total to 92. These numbers certify how tax rules and the Revenue Agency can also play a pivotal role in making the Country appealing for foreign investors.

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