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Signed the 2021-2023 Convention between the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) and the Revenue Agency

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The objectives of the agreement can be summarized as follows: a 360° dialogue with taxpayers, further enhancement of remote services and more targeted fiscal checks.

More space for preventive dialogue between the tax authorities and taxpayers with sending 6 million "preventive letters" to avoid controls, strengthening of remote counters and tax checks aimed only at high-risk individuals. In short, these are some of the guidelines for the 2021 -2023 Convention signed today by the Minister of Economy and Finance, Daniele Franco, and the director of the Revenue Agency, Ernesto Maria Ruffini.

Wider compliance and "smart" assistance services - One of the objectives of the agreement is to increase the level of spontaneous fulfillment of tax obligations by sending alert letters, which allow the taxpayer to remedy errors autonomously before the start of a real investigation. The Agency also will further strengthen the "online interexchange relationship" system, which allows taxpayers to manage fiscal obligations and receive assistance through the use of electronic channels and "smart" devices, to facilitate access to offices only if actually necessary and, in any case, by appointment. In addition, the strengthening of cadastral databases is envisaged, with particular reference to cadastral cartography and the register of owners, both for tax purposes and for support activities to local authorities.

Controls more focused on the subjects most at risk – To tackle tax evasion, the tax enforcement activity will be increasingly targeted and effective, through a further refined of risk analysis and assessment techniques and a more careful monitoring of the behavior of subjects with a high tax risk. Coordination with other administrations will also be ensured for the purposes of control activities (financial police and other foreign administrations).

Space for new hires - As regard the strengthening and development of human resources available, in the three-year period the Agency has started an important generational turnover by providing for the recruitment of over 4,100 staff units including tax officials, second-tier executives , technical and IT assistants.

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