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“Support Decree”, ready the Revenue’s kit for the new non-repayable contributions. Applications will start on March 30th

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Form and instructions for requesting the new non-refundable grant introduced by the “Support Decree”, approved recently by the Government, are already accessible online on the Italian Revenue Agency official website, Indeed, today's Provision signed by the Director of the Revenue Agency, Ernesto Maria Ruffini, following the provisions of the Law Decree, fixes the rules for requesting and obtaining the new non-repayable contribution in favor of companies, VAT taxpayers and self-employed affected by economic consequences of the epidemiological emergency. In addition, the Agency has also published online a new guide that explains in simple words all the details of the new measure, from the interested entities and individuals to the methods of calculating the grant, including indications for requesting it.

How and when to apply for the contribution
The procedure is rather simple. Starting from March 30th and until May 28th, requests must be sent to the Revenue Agency, also using an intermediary, through the Agency's internet channels. Particularly, taxpayers can use two options: those who already use the telematic Desktop can prepare the instances through the software and transmit them through the Entratel channel; in alternative, taxpayers can use the web-service platform available in the reserved area of the portal "e-Invoices and Fees" of the website. Once sent the application and received a confirmation, the new grant will arrive directly on the current account indicated in the request or, at the choice of the taxpayer, the amount due can also be used as a tax credit in compensation. There are two requirements to access the support: having achieved revenues or remuneration not exceeding 10 million euros in 2019 and having recorded an average monthly decrease in turnover and fees in 2020 compared to 2019 of at least 30%.

Who is entitled to the contribution and who is not
As explained in the Revenue’s Guide, the new non-repayable grant is subject to two specific conditions: the first consists in having achieved in 2019 revenues or remuneration not exceeding 10 million euros. The second requirement to be met is that the average monthly amount of turnover and fees for the year 2020 is at least 30% lower than the average monthly amount of sales and fees for 2019. Furthermore, it can be requested only by taxpayers carrying out business, art, professions and by holders of VAT, who resides and/or are established in the State Territory. In addition, the contribution is also due to non-commercial entities, including third sector entities and recognized religious entities, in relation to their commercial activities. On the other hand, taxpayers whose activity has ceased on the date of entry into force of the Decree or who have subsequently activated the VAT number, public bodies (Article 74 of the TUIR), financial intermediaries and holding companies are all excluded from the benefit.

How to calculate the grant?
As described by the Guide, the amount of the contribution is determined by applying an adjustable percentage, 60%, 50%, 40%, 30% and 20%, depending on six different increasing thresholds of applicant 2019 turnover and/or remuneration, to the difference between the average monthly amount of turnover and fees for 2020 and the average monthly amount of turnover and fees for 2019.
However, according to EU limit-conditions, the amount of the recognized contribution cannot in any case exceed € 150,000.

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