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"Welcome to the Agency", the guide of the Revenue Agency on online services is now available also in its English version

Benvenuti in Agenzia in inglese

Digital transformations can improve for the better the full range of fiscal services provided by tax Administrations all over the World. That’s why, with this latest Guide, the Italian Revenue Agency intends to offer a complete view of the services that can be accessible remotely and online, or through dedicated Apps.

The complete kit of services provided by the Revenue – Particularly, the Guide provides useful information on how to receive Agency services, how to book an appointment and what citizens have to bring with them to the office. In addition it shows detailed information for some services that can be requested through different options, mostly online directly from the Revenue official website, by e-mail or certified e-mail PEC, using the Agency’s dedicated mobile App or even in-person at office. However, to assure social distancing, so as limiting the spread of COVID‑19, digital tools and channels are largely accessible and preferred for the provision of a vast range of fiscal services, so as to avoid unnecessary waiting, queues and gatherings. Yet, in case it is not possible to use the e-channels and/or receive assistance remotely, taxpayers can ask for dedicated appointments at office, then in-person, using the telephone, the website or mobile App. All these tools allow booking an appointment choosing the Agency office on the desired day and at preferred time.

Digital services that are directly accessible and those that require ad hoc access keys- On the Agency's website, it is possible to use many services directly, without the need for any registration. For other services, instead, it is necessary to have SPID credentials, the Public Digital Identity System, or a National Service Card (CNS). Particularly, taxpayers may submit the request for a service by e-mail or PEC remotely, attaching the necessary documents and indicating all references (e.g., telephone number) for any subsequent contacts. As regards the services provided, they range from the access to “your tax account” (through which is possible to view the income tax returns submitted, the payments made, eventual registered leases and deeds, communications and refunds received, own unique certifications and the employment payments sent yearly to the Agency by tax substitutes) to entering your personal “reserved area”, that among other things enable citizens to take a full vision of the pre-filled tax return, including payment of taxes and fees and national workers contributions (F24 web).

The mobile App "AgenziaEntrate" as an easy and immediate multifaced e-services tool – This innovative application can be downloaded from IOS, Google and Microsoft stores. After having installed it, taxpayers can access a range of e-services on their smartphone or tablet just choosing to click on different web-pages showed. Here's what taxpayers can do: book an appointment at an Agency office and view the reservations already made and, using the check in button, go directly to the dedicated desk without having to "authenticate" at the reception; check the tax codes and VAT numbers; check the calendar of tax deadlines and the terms within which to provide for future obligations; access the "Pre-filled Declaration" support site and the "Invoices and fees" web service; directly access the cadastral cartographic Geoportal and so on.

Here is the dedicated link to the Guide:

On the Italian Revenue Agency website is available the full text of the new Guide “Welcome to the Agency! The tools for getting a jump start of your tax”.

Stefano Latini